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  Welcome to Jet-Alliance where shared jet ownership can become a reality!


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Hawker Beechcraft and Eclipse Owners Group Enter Into Letter of Intent

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (April 7, 2009)—David Green, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Eclipse Owners Group (EOG) announced today that the EOG has signed a nonbinding Letter of Intent with Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC). The parties will now begin negotiations for a definitive binding agreement under which HBC would provide maintenance upgrades and other aircraft services to EOG members, consisting of individual Eclipse 500 owners.

“Eclipse owners will benefit greatly by having Hawker Beechcraft as our service provider,” Green said. “HBC’s reputation across the industry and especially among its customers and suppliers is unsurpassed. This relationship is sure to create tremendous confidence in Eclipse owners that their planes will be flying for many years to come.”

In the search for a solution for Eclipse owners, the EOG will negotiate with HBC to provide the needed maintenance and support services to keep the Eclipse 500s flying in the event the EOG purchases the assets of the Eclipse Aviation Corporation (EAC).

HBC will provide services to EOG members through its Global Customer Service and Support operations, which is driven by HBC’s commitment to quality and performance excellence. HBC supports its aircraft with the largest network of trained professionals and the largest factory owned service network in the industry.

“Hawker Beechcraft is pleased to offer Eclipse 500 owners the highest quality service and support in general aviation,” said Bill Brown, HBC President, Global Customer Service and Support. “We look forward to this new relationship and keeping the Eclipse 500s in the air.”

The EOG will own the Type Certificate and be responsible to the FAA and other regulatory agencies for the reporting and compliance required to maintain the Type Certificate. HBC will provide services and support to the EOG so that the EOG can perform its regulatory obligations and keep the Eclipse 500s compliant with FAA and other regulatory rules. In order to support service for the Eclipse 500s, HBC would provide service in designated HBC service centers.

The EOG also hopes that at some future time it will be possible to restart production of the Eclipse 500.

EAC entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 24, 2008 and converted to Chapter 7 on February 24th, 2009. While at this time there is no formal deadline for a bid on the EAC Assets, the Chapter 7 Trustee intends to sell the EAC Assets as soon as possible. Several parties have come forward with potential proposals to acquire the EAC assets.

The EOG was formed to protect the assets of EAC necessary for the support, upgrades, and continued airworthiness of the Eclipse fleet on the best economic terms possible for current owners of the Eclipse 500; to evaluate the possibility of, and if appropriate implement, the purchase of EAC’s assets by the EOG or its designee; and to take actions necessary or appropriate in connection with purchasing assets of Eclipse, including forming an entity and negotiating with maintenance and support providers.

The EOG was also formed to evaluate any proposals for the purchase of EAC’s assets by other parties and, if appropriate, support such proposals if they are in the owner’s interests. The EOG will continue to evaluate proposals presented by third parties for the purchase of the EAC assets. The EOG has entered into negotiations with HBC in order to provide a viable and very attractive alternative if the best purchaser for the EAC assets is the EOG, itself.

Eclipse 500 owners who have not yet become members of the EOG should contact the EOG at their earliest convenience at eclipseownersgroup@gmail.com.

For further information, contact Nanette Metz or Randall Sanada at info@JetAlliance.com, or call (805) 409-0426.

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